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Tumbleweed Elementary PTA

$100 donation was given to Moon Valley High School for allowing all of our Tumbleweed Students, grades 1-6, to come and watch their theatrical production of Alice in Wonderland

Through your generosity, we were able to host Bingo Night and provide a prize to the winner of each game!

Through the recent Arizona Gold Cookie Dough Fundraiser, we raised money for our school, and were able to give away a few awesome raffle prizes! Jahmal from Miss Mukai's 1st Grade class won the raffle prizes two days in a row!

We were able to approve the boys basketball coach's request and provide the Tumbleweed Basketball Team with 20 t-shirts! This allows them to wear this on game day - allowing the jersey's to last longer. 

Photo Credit: Micah Southwick - 6th Grade

Check Back! More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Your hard earned dollars are being put to good use!